Natural Hair Density

The natural hair density varies from person to person, however, on average a human scalp skin has between 35 and 45 grafts per square centimeter.
The hair density also varies according to age. The more we age, the less the hair density becomes.
A youngster of 17 would have a full luscious hair, whereas an aged individual of 75 would have visible signs of loss of density.
The most critical phase in a man’s life is between the age of 30 and 45. In this interval, most men that are subject to genetic hair loss, are susceptible to loss of hair density due to the intrinsic hormonal factors.
This is one of the reasons why most men conscientious about their looks, approach various solutions against hair loss, such as medicated products against baldness, or natural remedies against premature hair loss.

However, most medicated or non-medicated options can go for so long, but as to date, they are unable to provide a permanent cure of baldness.
According to one of the surgeons in hair transplant, implants of hairs from the back side of the head – procedure known as hair transplant – can restore hair density to (near) its original state. The surgeon mentions that many factors play part in reaching a good pleasing result, and it’s not just a matter of numbers of grafts, alone.
He states “On average, less than 20-25 grafts/cm2 looks very ‘plug like’ on a bald scalp. Personally I prefer to have at least 30 to 35 grafts on average, but not everyone balding client has this luxury from the donor site viewed.”

Naturally, all young males that suffer of baldness seek a form of treatment against baldness. For the beginning stages of baldness, there are specific medicated and non-medicated hair loss treatment options. On the next page we explore several of such treatments.