Professional Organizations

Hair transplant has become a really effective choice for covering the implications of hair loss.
Specifically, new techniques like FUE present the advantage of non-linear scar at the rear of the scalp, and they have contributed to the trend that hair transplantation is currently changing into a wide used operating procedure.
As such, several prominent professionals in the hair transplant field have joined forces and formed the European Organization of Hair Restoration Professionals – FUE Europe.
FUE Europe is an organization that aims to contribute to the education and improvement of each and every medical professional that desires to be active in field of treatment against baldness and hair transplant, as well as non-invasive techniques.

Utmost care for hair loss patients and the drive to deliver great quality hair transplant, promotion of excellence of surgical standards and education are primary focuses of organizations like FUE Europe.

Apart from the European organization of hair transplant doctors, there are several other organizations, with a similar profile.

In the US, ISHRS as well as the American Hair Loss Association or the International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons are active, whereas in Asia AHRS is a more prominent player.

Purpose of the professional hair transplant organizations

These organizations are dedicated to education, support and promotion of trichologists and hair transplant.
These professional societies work to attain these goals by promoting the scientific methods in trichology and by educating future trichologists.
They also support members by providing them with up-to-date analysis, enhancing the added value that otherwise an individual would not have easy access to.

Are you a professional interested in hair transplant? Discover how you can be part of this new, interesting field.